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>more propable that hell freezes than you using Aros

If it remains at OS3.1 levels of functionality of course I won't use it, why would anyone!? If the goal is OS3.9 and there are problems with reaching that, I would understand, I just don't get what is so magical about OS3.1 that once OS3.1 functionality had been achieved there was no interest in supporting later and better AmigaOS versions. It is not like Windows where every update is worse than the one before :-/

>And for some strange reasons 68k software partly runs on both Aros (68k) and MOS but not 4.1... weird world. Could it be that they also changed a lot of things and dropped compatibility... questions over questions

ReAction-based programs can easily be built for OS3.9, OS4.1 and MOS but not AROS x86. The changes in OS4.1 are mostly different APIs to access the same functionality. With AROS x86 the functionality is just missing.

>things you have no clue of.

I've installed and run it several times but as it is incomplete and has hardly any software for it I didn't find it of use and don't think it represents the most viable path for the Amiga going forwards. There is no need to flame me for just pointing that out; I don't hold you or any single person responsible.
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