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Originally Posted by Minuous View Post

Well, if you hate AmigaOS that much and want to strike out in an incompatible direction, good luck against all the other free x86/x64 OSes in this day and age when it is limited to OS3.1+AROS-only extensions.

I don't see where the userbase and new development tools would come from; Amiga users are likely to continue with OS3.9/4.1/MOS and UNIX users would see no advantage in switching to AROS either.
Many people (expecially when using real hardware) do not use and like 3.9

MOS will make a ISA switch either with radical changes and then propably be even less compatible than AROS. And for some strange reasons 68k software partly runs on both Aros (68k) and MOS but not 4.1... weird world. Could it be that they also changed a lot of things and dropped compatibility... questions over questions

But it is not important because it is more propable that hell freezes than you using Aros but (as I wrote before) stop spreading nonsense and talking about things you have no clue of. Aros obviously belongs to that.
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