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Originally Posted by Minuous View Post
MCE and Report+, there are probably others also. Limiting applications to using only ancient ClassAct features instead of making use of improvements made in OS3.5/3.9/4 is not the way forward. The point is: apps wanting to be compatible with AROS have to be crippled to not use all AmigaOS features; an OS replacement should be able to replace that OS and run all its programs. Just replacing OS3.1 with something bigger and slower is probably not very useful to most people, especially now that the real OS3.1 source code has leaked.

And the situation with AROS x86 is even worse as it doesn't support emulating any 68K/PPC code.
just checked reportplus from aminet with latest aros68k nightly and classact. it works. wanna screenshot?? :!AuvzEgbTrkxP-F8NxsNKO7zx3XDy

your point has been proven wrong. and also it proves that you are spreading your wrong preassumptions as facts without even checking. this is fud and bad will. period.
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