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Originally posted by Big-Byte
I saw an amiga demo that a group did once which was basically the first level of sonic. they did it just to prove it could be done.
and it was shite. Either they were not serious about it, or they did it in an afternoon.

Originally posted by IFW
Let me quote someone here - it might sound familiar:
"Nothing beats the real thing" (TM)
Who said that?

I understand the point fully, and as I said, I see many "new" Amiga game releases being shit unofficial ports of said games, or ports from PC shite, so the state of affairs seems to be like the new Amiga games are all ports of games, and no original stuff. Difference is, they are done in "new style" and you need a bloody PPC or 060 to run most of them (not all)

Writing or porting a Genesis emulator to a stock A1200 is a no-no, as you might know.

The Sonic Team spent many man-years making the gameplay right.
Yes I agree completele, and this is the challenge I am looking most forward too.
As killergorilla said, it's an achievement to me. I am a HUGE Sonic fan and I have these games for breakfast, so having the gameplay just right is the key to this project's success, IMO. Having in mind this "port is shite" philosophy, I would have to look back then at Amiga games that were console or arcade ports, and say "These are all SHITE! Why didn't they make an original game?". Were those games shite in your opinion? I think they are not. You might say "Back then there was no emulation", and I agree. The thing here is take upon a conversion project like in the old days. It' more of a challenge, and I'd enjoy the end product a damn lot. why did this guy ported Sonic to the MSX if he could load up a PC and emulate it, or go out and buy the game and the console? Also, the experience with this project might lead to an original product from the same people, I don't know! This would be good too, the main idea here, as I said, is to generate a project and get it started. Mainly because I'd like to DO something for once, and because I am extremely disgusted by current Amiga productions. So instead of talking and talking and bashing these productions, I decided to start one on my own with a group of cool people.

Amiga was the synonym for innovation in its heyday.
As I said, today it is synonym of crap PC game ports and lame unofficial console/arcade ports.

As I said I was open to suggestions as to which would the starting project would be. How about porting something like Chu-Chu Rocket? Some guys did it for the Atari St, and I think it was brilliant.

Thanks for all the opinions and offers for help. I'll let you know how it all goes!
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