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Originally Posted by Minuous View Post
>OS4 applications run on 3.9?

No, but it might be feasible to port some of them to AROS if there was more support in AROS for OS3.5/3.9/4 features such as ReAction.

MCE and Report+, there are probably others also. Limiting applications to using only ancient ClassAct features instead of making use of improvements made in OS3.5/3.9/4 is not the way forward. The point is: apps wanting to be compatible with AROS have to be crippled to not use all AmigaOS features; an OS replacement should be able to replace that OS and run all its programs. Just replacing OS3.1 with something bigger and slower is probably not very useful to most people, especially now that the real OS3.1 source code has leaked.
but limiting applications to something ancient like amigaos is no way forward either

even if 4.X would be backported it would still be ancient

MESA/Gallium? Support of modern USB? SMP? More than 4 GB RAM?

I do not see the 4.X line as a real way forward but that is a matter of taste. The only new software developed for 4.X is the software financed by a-eon and now and then updates of small utilities. To get really new software you would need new development tools and you would need something running on modern hardware and fully supporting it. I do not see that there. On 68k most software not written in traditional GUI was developed based on MUI, not Reaction.
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