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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
Right now I have 2 small kids that need a lot of my attention
please leave the personal stuff out of the discussion. we all have our limits. thats not the question here. either you contribute something or not. right now its only hot air.

My point with the several examples I listed was that things change eventually. I tend to think the current owners are milking a very sick cow, therefore I think throwing money at it could make them willing to part with it.
it was the same ten years ago. we all know it. nothing changed in this respect.

Edit: (And this is where I can currently contribute.. By supporting e.g. crowd-funding or bounties financially..)
as you please..

Well you can reverse that reasoning too.. How many ppl are interested in a standalone Vampire/Natami if it only runs AROS?
we are not proposing you a requirement but a solution. vampire is built with amiga compatibility in mind. you can run whatever system you want i suppose. 1.3, 2.1, 3.1, 3.9, aros68k.. the choice should be yours based on your expectations and requirements. aros68k wont make your genuine kickstarts incmpatible with vampire, same as they wont gain features aros provides in turn.

I assume, that like for me, AROS offers nothing new that they have requested without sacrificing something they'd rather keep.
if aros offers nothing new, what would be that "new" that open sources of amiga os or even os4 would offer you. can you reiterate in order to understand your ratio?

Trust me, I absolutely never requested anyone to work on AROS 68k for me or anyone else, I only suggested that if the 3.x source would finally become available it would make sense to merge the efforts rather than having resources spread in yet another split..
with whom do you want to merge the efforts? name someone. im all for it. just i dont see anyone. ask gunnar, or where have you been all this time, when p96 and kickstart licensing discussion took place?

Yes, I do realize ppl work on this as a hobbyist project and have done it for decades - which shows some commitment, I respect that. Unfortunately, the same people still seem to hope that "if you build it, they will come".
thats not the attitude. they are doing it for themselves. hardly anyone evangelizes aros on forums, except me, perhaps, but im actually only interested in its 68k branch as opportunity for the amiga to eventually gain some extended features ..and the control of the community upon the os.

Well.. the ~200 ppl (I got the number from, but it might be wrong) who agreed with that path are already there...
Wawa and you call discussions like this a waste of time, so I think it's motivated to ask what you call an OS 22 years in the making with so few users.
you think there is exactly so many aros, morphos or amiga users as registered on some amigamap? i have never registered to any map, but according to the map you seem to poin to there is 250 os4.1 users out there. aros is not bad in comparison isnt it?

even if some whine more then others ;-)
again. i have offered realistic options and corrected your invalid information. i offered detailed help on the subject to the people who are probably more knowledgable than me, just maybe too stubborn to consider an option. i have not engaged in whining about the bad bad entities that keep rightfuly yours amiga os away from you.
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