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(Skipping the quoted-answer (with one exception), would get too messy)

This thread is about asking everyone who wants, to contribute with good ideas. The one's I listed are examples to get the conversation going. If I thought they were the perfect solution, I would have no reason to start the topic, would I?

The thing that has changed IMO for the last years since I returned from being away from the Amiga is some sort of re-ignation in the community.. Its thanx to the Vampire boars, the Kickstarter campaigns for cases and keys, the free release of WHDLoad.. and so on.. I think the community is in a better shape today than maybe 3 years ago. So there might be other re-awakened ppl who would want to get involved. More people that care = better chance to get something rolling..

Question about logical induction. You claim to use it with great accuracy.. Did you accurately envision the installed user base of AROS users 22 years into development?

About "who needs updated OS":
I think its about convenience among other things.. even if only a few new things were coded, it would allow ppl to put together different / more customized and appealing distributions of the OS without so much hassle and/or fear of legal troubles.

Regarding sources beyond 3.1..
It might rely on negotiating skills or it may be money.. ort it may be about principle... Maybe they didn't like OS4. Legally speaking it should be less messy dealing with individuals though..

"fine. thats your lazy attitude. you want people to do stuff ready for you to enjoy immediately without even lifting a finger, a perfect product for no money, except you like talk about this on forums. why not. do as you please. "
Is that the conclusion you arrived at? Not sure where to begin dissecting this quite bizarre statement.
First of all, this thread is about contributing with best ideas of how to get oS3.x open sourced. If it turns out it can't be done, then fine, that's an answer too.
Second, I am willing to contribute financially to crowd funding or bounties if it is agreed that is the best way to do it.
Third, I pay for my other OS:es and software that allow me to work efficiently.
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