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There are dozens if not hundreds of such programs on Aminet.

A complete implementation will have full support for all components. Especially for the standard GUI of the OS.

>if you are interested in it and you are a programmer you are free to do that yourself.

No, when I suggested the goal be changed from OS3.1 to OS3.9 and had the time and inclination to help towards that the idea was rejected.

>3. reaction is useless on other platforms except 68k. there are no apps that require it.

A lot of OS3.5/3.9/4.x software requires it, after all it has been the standard Amiga GUI for 18 years.

>someone who doesnt want to use their work anyway demands it.

If it was complete I probably would use it. I'm not demanding anything, just pointing out the most obvious deficiency. Not trying to flame anyone, I just find the policies and priorities being defended very strange.

To answer the thread title, improving AROS to the point where it was equal to 3.9 or 4.x in speed, compatibility and completeness would seem the best option. However the AROS people seem not wanting to do that, therefore the remaining best options would seem to be for the community to attempt to buy the 3.9 source code from H&P or to disassemble/decompile OS3.9 and merge the improvements into the leaked 3.1 code.

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