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Originally Posted by Minuous View Post

Yes, see

Are you claiming it is equivalent to OS3.5/3.9, even though it is missing the entire ReAction subsystem?
so you are again at your holy path against aros because they have not implemented the whole reaction subsystem? and you have read that in the specs, so you dont even need to try it out for yourself, right. your opinion las all set and you can screem now all around that aros is only 3.1 compatible and even that is incomplete.

1. aros 68k developers were paid to provide aros kickstart, and not to reimplement each and every system extension there was. if you are interested in it and you are a programmer you are free to do that yourself.

2. reaction has nothing to do with "modernity" its just one of the optional gui systems. in most cases you can freely download and use classact classes instead. i tried a number of classact/reaction apps from aminet with aros, and they worked. try a-web for example. chris_y netsurf wont work as is, because it explicitly checks for library versions, but his source is open.

3. reaction is useless on other platforms except 68k. there are no apps that require it. aros developers certainly wont waste their time with something useless to them just because someone who doesnt want to use their work anyway demands it.
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