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Originally Posted by Chris CC View Post
I'm sure the people behind the project had good intentions, but it tells you a lot when in private correspondence they speak about the device as being one of the best emulators out there - just delusional. Equally they spoke of certain versions of games being "the problem", of certain cracked games being the problem. I explained to them that the games, including those cracks pre-date the existence of their device by 20 years plus, but I'm not sure that was something that particularly resonated with them. Oh well.
Thanks for the review. That's disappointing but I wonder if your experience is universal, or whether there's something wrong with the device you received? That "Prototype - not for resale" badge suggests that something is wrong immediately - either an early version of the hardware with known problems, or an early/experimental version of the software.

This thing will be running a version of UAE, which however old or customised, should have no problem with the games you listed. I'm not trying to discount your evidence but it would be nice to get some corroborating experiences. To me, it sounds like you just got a duff unit.

My first MiST box continuously crashed doing the lightest of tasks. It turned out to be a hardware fault with that unit and the second one I bought has been great.

That said, the Armiga doesn't appeal to me in any way. The price is high but it's a cheap, generic hardware running UAE in a cheap & nasty 3D printed case (don't know why the site tries to make a positive of this) and it doesn't even have proper 9-pin joystick ports. The disk drive model is more interesting and maybe points to a better version 2, but for now I'm unconvinced even if the compatibility were perfect.

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