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from your profil it seems to me you are one of the younger ones in the community (like me) but there are a lot of people already retired who cannot wait for another 20 years :-). And to be clear even if some of the current copyright owners (we do not know if real or only believe) die copyright not vanishes but changes ownership.

you seem to be happy with what you have but take Vampire standalone device as example. I cannot remember but I guess it has USB so you need support for that. Also Vampire supports RTG so the OS has to support that too. We saw the problems around that when discussion about P96 started. The same would be true for USB. Poseidon on 3.X is copyrighted and cannot be used. Of course Poseidon could be legally backported from Aros but would it not make more sense to invest the time in adapting and improving Aros. You will have finally two choices on it, 3.X patched as it is and a modern successor. Your choice.

Since I returned a couple of years ago the same senseless discussions start again and again to open source 3.X. It will not happen for lots of reasons and even if there would be a chance the community will not contribute the requested sum because all will talk like you... they are happy with what they use, why giving money to open sources.

"until 68k AROS becomes 100% compatible and almost as fast as native OS 3.x"

BTW this attitude to just ask and moan but not doing anything is why Aros 68k is not there. The Aros devs work in free time and do what they like, if their main interest is not 68k you cannot expect them to do the work for you just because you request that.

"And if you think its a waste of time to discuss it, what about 22 years of AROS development."

without words... what exactly are your contributions except posting on a forum?
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