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Chris CC
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I bought one and returned it. The compatibility was shockingly poor - about 40% of games ran on it, images/games that ran 100% perfect on Amiga Forever.

Lotus 2 - fail 80% of the time on the second/third race track.
Super Cars 1 and 2 - 100% crash all cracked versions.
Mega-Lo-Mania - 13 minute load time for one cracked version - two other versions failed.
Theme Park - the versions I tried all failed.
Populous - fail.
Xennon 2 - fail.
Sensible Soccer - most versions fail.
Player Manager - fail.

The music ran slow/totally out of sync on about 60% of all games.

They advertise it as now being AGA compatible, but in A1200 mode almost every single AGA game failed - The Chaos Engine 1 and 2, Alien Breed 2 - everything I tried.

It has a fast load option that sometimes runs slower than regular loading options - but all games take far, far longer to load than original Amiga discs on an A500.

Mine came with a sticker on the bottom said prototype not for resale - this was despite the fact that the word prototype was nowhere to be seen in terms of the shop. There is also a video doing the rounds of a supposedly independent review. It refers to "everything working" with the Armiga in terms of game pads, mouse, games etc. As far from reality as one can imagine.

All the crashes, game fails, crazy loading times, wrecked sound etc. Some games dying on crack screens, some games running slowly and dropping frames, some with bad lag, other games running way too fast. In terms of hardware compatibility it is riddled with plug and play issues. Logitech keyboards don't work, no mouse will work in any of the menus. They claim mice work fine in games, but my Microsoft lazer mouse did not work. Other keyboards have issues as other customers have complained. I tried two other keyboard which both failed.

In terms of pads/controllers/joysticks:

They say that they do not support traditional Joysticks. Although you can connect via a retrofun usb to 9pin connector, that then introduces horrific lag that makes playing Kick Off utterly unplayable, Sensible Soccer too, when I could get that to run. This is lag that does not exist when using the same device on a laptop and Amiga forever to control the same games. As for other devices...Xbox One controller doesn't work, neither does a PS4 controller or a PS3 controller or a WiiU controller, or a Hori fighting stick. Other customers also complained about issues with quite a few more/other pads. This included wireless devices where connection sometimes dropped out. There is also bugs relating to having two pads connected to the device.

I could have written the above up properly and in excruciating detail, but it's not my job to do so. I've just dropped the above very quickly onto the page to give people the idea. That said I did used to work in the games industry in a variety of roles including that of games tester for Sony and games designer for Gremlin, so as haphazard as the above may appear - people can trust me when I say this device is not currently fit for purpose and possibly (sadly) never will be.


I'm sure the people behind the project had good intentions, but it tells you a lot when in private correspondence they speak about the device as being one of the best emulators out there - just delusional. Equally they spoke of certain versions of games being "the problem", of certain cracked games being the problem. I explained to them that the games, including those cracks pre-date the existence of their device by 20 years plus, but I'm not sure that was something that particularly resonated with them. Oh well.
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