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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post personal view.. until 68k AROS becomes 100% compatible and almost as fast as native OS 3.x, it servers almost no purpose to me. I'm already stuck in Windows for all sorts of serious work for the last 20 years. No amount of work put into AROS will change that in any way.
AROS for other platforms makes even less sense to me personally. I only have so much time to tinker with hobby-related activities..
For all sorts of serious work I will use Windows, Linux or even MacOS before I would consider AROS. For reliving nostalgia, I use original OS 3.x because it runs all my software, and it does it fast. I just wish it was easier to "keep it fresh".
in order to clarify that last paragraph.. i have not came here to indoctrinate you about aros. i have simply answered to a (huge) number of posts wht aros reference but containing severe missconceptions and assumptions usually third hand by people who never even tried it. along that i offered a realistic option of how your postulates can be achieved.

now in answer to that you start to put up conditions. like aros wont ever replace your windows work environment. right. it wont replace mine. do you suppose that open sourced os3.x or even 4.x or even morphos will replace your windows or linux setup? aros may even be the closest to it, but do you notice double standards you are using here?

now if you have only a limited time to tinker with your hobby os. how much are you gonna invest into that open source initiative of yours? isnt it a straw fire? in this case isnt it better to start with a team of experienced and usually motivated coders and with an advanced codebase? the leaked source of os3 is out there, apparently accessible, even if probably incomplete. your conditions are fulfilled even if not officially. yet none has made a fart out of it. go figure.

summarizing. i think you are best off simply using whats availible to you. and what fulfills your nostalgia, it wont get away. but if it improved you might not be content about it. and use windows for work.
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