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Chris CC
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Picked up a 4:3 20inch LCD with scart socket off of ebay. Just waiting for it to be delivered, hopefully it's in the good condition the seller stated lol.

It's not a perfect option by any means, but hopefully it does the job. LCD meant the weight was low, which meant I could get it delivered - most CRTs being pick up only. The price was £35, 4:3 means I get more screen bang for buck from the Amiga, but I deliberately chose something that wasn't too big to limit the issue of artefacts that LCDs bring with them. Maybe down the line in a few years I can get that perfect CRT, but fingers crossed this is ok for now.

I've managed to get a huge number of games on the Gotek and without the arse ache and technical issues that come with having to sort WHD load on an A600. I would have preferred whdload, but I've cut my cloth accordingly and to be fair, it's going to be a massive step up from having to swap discs like in the old days.

I'd be interested to know how others do...
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