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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
Things do change as time progresses..
some dont. for instant in this case. can you elaborate on, what changed since last time this idea was brought up or since ever?

Someone could throw money at the problem,
even a worse idea. because that money would be wasted and the people who invested in it were severly diappointed.

(e.g. someone could organize crowdfunding),
someone.. somone.. have you done anything, i mean anything, in preparation? i mean even a most vague outline of what would have to be done or how the kicksarter formula would have to be? or are you simply talking cheap?

some copyright holder could die or lose interest and the one taking over has no interest in Amiga etc... Or the economy of it no longer makes it worthwhile...
so you count on fate. to be favorous of your intentions just like that. you are counting on someones death. and if he is all fine? hiring death squad?

Stuff will inevitably change, we just don't know when.. It's a slow process, but not a completely static one..
there is a thing called logical induction. or if you know the history you can approximate the future. so far, using it i have been right in (almost maybe) all my assumptions. including the (preliminary) success of the vampire team. so not all negative.

And if you think its a waste of time to discuss it, what about 22 years of AROS development.
you think its wasted? i dont think they do. they are now getting multiprocessor support as we speak, ahead of all other amiga-ng camps as ever.

If its still not being adapted by the 68k Amiga community, wouldn't you assume there something not quite right with the tactics applied?
their tactics are not concerned with the amiga community as you think of it. many of them are thinking of amiga as ppc people do, its an abandoned architecture. nevertheless they welcomed the 68k platform, even if its not their center of interest and still support it. it is amiga community that failed to recognize the chance to jump on a bandwagon of a development they could take advantage of featurewise. for the very reason they are begging to have os4 backported. a mercy they wont be granted with.

If you're a politician and you stick your head into the sand stubbornly sticking to a certain viewpoint you will become marginalized sooner rather than later.
im not a politician. i have pointed to an obvoius solution. i wont force it over you. its your choice.

get the feeling the AROS geeks envision every Amiga owner as someone with a big box Amiga, RTG card and doing "serious stuff"..
who else needs an updated system? a bare a500 users who run non dos games from a floppy? where would they put it on, what for, and why if the genuine kick is the best compatibility?

Ppl simply want to use all the software they used before.. everything from hardware banging stuff up to nice OS friendly apps.. but also they want the OS to gain some nice features that improves it and makes life easier and being able to add support for the occasional new features that come with new hardware without needing to invent workarounds and/or hacks..
thats exactly what aro68k puts in perspective. genuine or almost genuine hardware, like vampire/apollo core. a 1.x-3.x compatible kickstart (given yet some work admittedly) and optional operating system that can be loaded from hd with contemporary features.

In my view, if the sources would be acquired, it would/should NOT be a matter of OS3.x vs AROS (Btw, I was originally thinking code up to v3.9, not just 3.1)
aros is not just 3.1 compliant in many respects. and the aquisition of the sources beyond 3.1 will be even more difficult, as the rights are distributed among the original coders. os4 didnt succeed to gather them and you will? ask thor .. or olsen..

Quote: personal view.. until 68k AROS becomes 100% compatible and almost as fast as native OS 3.x, it servers almost no purpose to me. I'm already stuck in Windows for all sorts of serious work for the last 20 years. No amount of work putr into AROS will change that in any way.
AROS for other platforms makes even less sense to me personally. I only have so much time to tinker with hobby-related activities..
For all sorts of serious work I will use Windows, Linux or even MacOS before I would consider AROS. For reliving nostalgia, I use original OS 3.x because it runs all my software, and it does it fast. I just wish it was easier to "keep it fresh".
fine. thats your lazy attitude. you want people to do stuff ready for you to enjoy immediately without even lifting a finger, a perfect product for no money, except you like talk about this on forums. why not. do as you please.
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