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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
no. it turns the people away from realistic solutions. who in this thread has proposed any realistic path to follow? i did. anybody else?

its really at least puzzliing to see the same subjects, the same participants, the same idas being shared since years without any action. no new members. it seems only that pople forget that they have thrown the very same simple idea around half a year earilier, just a thought, not any research done and will now again discuss it to death waiting for somone else to come and solve them.
Things do change as time progresses..
Someone could throw money at the problem, (e.g. someone could organize crowdfunding), some copyright holder could die or lose interest and the one taking over has no interest in Amiga etc... Or the economy of it no longer makes it worthwhile...
Stuff will inevitably change, we just don't know when.. It's a slow process, but not a completely static one..

And if you think its a waste of time to discuss it, what about 22 years of AROS development.
If its still not being widely adapted by the 68k Amiga community by now, wouldn't you agree there something not quite right with the tactics used by the AROS evangelists who still pitch it as the only way forward for 68k Amiga?

If you're a politician and you stick your head into the sand stubbornly sticking to a certain viewpoint you will become marginalized sooner rather than later. Sometimes you need to look around at what the ppl actually want.. Not necessarily what is technically best for them or morally the optimal solution. People are people, not robots..
I get the feeling the AROS geeks envision every Amiga owner as someone with a big box Amiga, RTG card and doing "serious stuff"..
If so... I don't think that describes reality very well.. There's still a lot of nostalgia left here. Ppl simply want to use all the software they used before.. everything from hardware banging stuff up to nice OS friendly apps.. but also they want the OS to gain some nice features that improves it and makes life easier and being able to add support for the occasional new features that come with new hardware without needing to invent workarounds and/or hacks..

In my view, if the sources would be acquired, it would/should NOT be a matter of OS3.x vs AROS (Btw, I was originally thinking code up to v3.9, not just 3.1)
It would absolutely be AROS + OS3.x = “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” It would be foolish to throw away the parts where AROS is better.. Now...For the record, I do admire the effort by the few AROS enthusiasts, I respect their work put into the project and I understand their reasoning from a strictly logical, nostalgia free perspective... personal view.. until 68k AROS becomes 100% compatible and almost as fast as native OS 3.x, it servers almost no purpose to me. I'm already stuck in Windows for all sorts of serious work for the last 20 years. No amount of work put into AROS will change that in any way.
AROS for other platforms makes even less sense to me personally. I only have so much time to tinker with hobby-related activities..
For all sorts of serious work I will use Windows, Linux or even MacOS before I would consider AROS. For reliving nostalgia, I use original OS 3.x because it runs all my software, and it does it fast. I just wish it was easier to "keep it fresh".

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