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Originally Posted by KronusOfChaos View Post
wawa. I am actually pretty new to the scene. I responded here because it piqued my interest. And I am getting a lot of answers that I might not have if I wasn't browsing through new threads of the forum. Anyway. am sorry you feel the way you do. And you might be right in what you say, but for me its interesting to hear everyone's thoughts.
sorry. no pun intended. i appreciate constructive ideas. just open sourcing amiga os, kickstart. workbench or whatever is not one of them. and it keeps coming back, without that anybody does their homework on the subject before posting. this situation was the reason aros 68k kickstart bounty has been called to life back then (and the devs did a lot more than just the kickstart they got the bounty for). now, complaining about hyperion or cloanto in a circle wont bring us ahead. btw cloanto have supported aros kickstart bounty even against their best interest, one might say:

im not really convinced about them being bad guys..
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