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Originally Posted by OlafSch View Post
Assuming Cloanto would not exist do you really think roms would be legal?
My point with what I said there is that it doesn't matter: a lot of the same people worried about the legality of the Kickstart ROMs they have go to any site online and download games for free that are "abandonware", when we all know that's as "legal" as downloading Kickstart ROMs.

Another example: the C64 and other C= ROMs are bundled with VICE And other emulators. Was this ever "consented" or it just happened and nobody cared? I am assuming nobody out there owns rights to those, but let's remember there is some sort of "Commodore Inc." that still exists and are as much a brand vulture as Cloanto (but probably with the actual rights to prey on brand/trademark).
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