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here is screenshot of mine lubuntu with yesterdays aros68k compile running in fs-use:!AuvzEgbTrkxP-C3KUU_aPnhTepYR

note that you best immediately go to prefs, and disable themeing if you want to use amiga chipset for display, otherwise you will be able to look at how the menus renders with all defaults bells and whisthels like alpha transparency on aplanar screen. themeing can be disabled in appaearance prefs or deleting theme.var from envarc. run screenmode prefs program to choose rtg for more speedup if you are emulating it. disable bakcground images in wanderer prefs program. they eat enormous amount of time.

aha. edit the startup sequence, adding "SetPatch QUIET" as known from amiga at the very beginning.

i think this are the basics.

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