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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
FUD is disinformation but I have nothing against AROS so it would be misinformation at best.
matt, no pun intended. but you spread wrong information without properly informed yourself. i dont care so much, but it may be damaging interest in a project that could be advantageous for you and others..

Building AROS is still not easy for me. C was supposed to be portable across compilers and hardware but it looks like AROS requires a particular compiler and OS to build it.
i have never had an impression you are really interested in it. if you are i can walk you step by step in setting up the compiler enviroment for aros. it isnt more complicated than compiling netsurf, a much smaller project (in fact it is easier, since once the packages are in place the whole build process is scriped). if you can build and use cahir's cross-toolchain or the new 6.2 one it would be a walk for you.

as for a proper environment for the task, people are building under very different ones, even osx. i did ubuntu and debian but prefer lubuntu, even though the default editor has no syntax highlighting and managing the terminal history is rather limited. i would put up a virtual machine with whatever popular 32bit linux you like for the task.

the 68k has tended to get slow bug fixes and support upgrades. The only thing consistent about GCC for the 68k has been its lack of consistency.
nevertheless this paricular bug phx pointe me to as example was non issue. have not tested it with 4.6.4 sorry to say. probably should have.

Was the HIDD interface really necessary for example?
this is to my knowledge an abstraction layer the original os never had. os4 soent have this as well. therefore all the prolems with the different platforms and transitions. if you have a better concept you might be able to force it through, given you have proven yourself as a valid contributor, not just a lazy better knowing, and im assuming you would have to contribute your changes yourself.

Different components are not always interchangeable. The APIs have changed in some cases (for example layers.library). Some components are significantly different like resources with these HIDDs.
yes. different versions of libs dont always work with different versions of amiga system as well. is aros supposed to fix this in some kind of magical way? matt, by all means, dont do nitpicking. the only aros hidd i had consciously to do so far on amiga was amiga chicpset hidd and both gallium and softpipe. i think amiga hidd is an provisorium anyway, but it works.
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