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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
aros replaces both kickstart and workbench. depending on how you ant to handlie it you can load/define the kickstart and kickstart extension image (aros rom has one mb in size) into your uae or softkick it form your amiga system.

navigate to:
find latest built archives.

amiga-m68k-boot - is a lha archive containing kickstart images. aros-amiga-68k-rom.bin is the base image. aros-amiga-68k-ext.bin is the extended one. reference them in your use settings. if you just want a kickstart.

amiga-m68k-bootiso - contains the whole system along with a kickstart files within boot/amiga/ subdir. its a of an iso image.

you can make it your primary bootable partition and attach the image of your original drive containing your amiga software you want to test alongside.

why? the whole purpose of aros68k is to make it unnecessary.

once again. you dont need the genuine kickstart to run aros.

Ok, so its just FS-UAE shipping with an older AROS kickstart, if I download a current AROS rom I get a good working one then? When you said the aros kickstart in uae is totally outdated, no use for anything, wont even boot I thought the AROS 68k kickstart in general, so I read that wrong.
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