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the action around this youtube video certainly was not very wise, if they own the rights or not. The news spreads of course in a small community and damages your reputation and thus the goodwill of potential buyers so it is to me more like a self goal in a economic sense.

Assuming Cloanto would not exist do you really think roms would be legal? Me not, neither Hyperion nor AmigaInc ever gave away something for free. My guess is that there would be only Hyperion as legal source asking for a relative high price because they would be only ones offering it legally. But again, all theoretic because it will never happen, Cloanto or no Cloanto. If someone has enough time and money (lots of money) and is willing to spend everything for it, go I have no problem with it. You certainly would need specialised attorneys reviewing all the papers since Commodore assets were sold first time because noone knows for sure right now that the people claiming to own the rights really own it and not believe to own it. It would certainly need a lot of time to examine everything and thus a lot of money. If you finally know who really owns it you can get in contacts and as soon this entity realizes how interested you are they/it will ask for money too. Will be interesting, you can inform me if it is at that point. I personal will (if I do something at all) invest time in the only free option available but everybody is free to do what he/she likes to do.
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