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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
your choice.
Its actually not a choice, it got to be where windows just took too much time so it stole time from other things, I couldn't get anything done I wanted to. Windows is like that co-worker that buys a Kia becayse it has a 10 year warranty so every week he's asking for someone to give him a ride to the dealer, weather the downtime for his car or windows is planned or not its still downtime. The loss of time, the loss of data, etc. But I'm getting too OT.

Originally Posted by wawa View Post
no it wont work that way. the aros kickstart in uae is totally outdated, no use for anything, wont even boot. thats probably what part of bad publicity aros receives could be attributed to. wonder why its still there..

depending on what you want i can send you a default config file for fs-uae you can modify for your configuration. but the question is, what do you want to do.

aros is currently undergoing a heavy maintenance, about 20-30 commits a day, in order to implement multicore support, so a build and therefore a nightly can be broken at any time.
I have a 1.3 config where I setup like what I had back in the 90's and another 3.1 I made. I had a 500 with 1.3 back then but no hdd so I just set this up as if I had a hdd then, juts found a pre-made hdd image someone else made and downloaded it and started adding stuff that I used back then.

Anyway, to get back to a more OT discussion. For purposes of defining what Amiga is or is not, is Amiga just the workbench or kickstart or both?
AROS68k is it aimed at replacing both WB and kickstart. I know the x86 runs on top of standard pc hardware so no kickstart there. So I still use the Amiga kickstart if I want to try AROS 68k (even under emulation).

If so then technically I can only try 1.3 kickstart since thats all I own (sitting in my closet at the moment).

My HP48 for example I did a romdump to use in x48 since since I legally purchased that ROM. I'd need to go buy a 3.1 kickstart to use it.
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