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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
To be fair the scene is bigger today than it was just 5 years ago
MAybe you mean number of users? I don't measure it that way. I measure it in teh way of output, and when an independent developer, a fansite maker, tries to get in and is rear-ended by Cloanto's "legal" machine, I see great damage.

If they own that video, they have a right to decide how it is disseminated and published -
Yes, IF, and that is a big IF, which I don't understand why you choose to concede to them. As aspoken in this thread at length, what Cloanto has at best is a license to Kickstart, maybe Amiga OS and to distribute and modify it. Not any other kind of Amiga IP. Taking down that video is just stupid, and what even is "Cloanto Italia"? Is it at all an italian company?

The fact remains: that Amiga video of the launch, which as you said can be protected by fair anyway, is nowhere to be seen by the community.

it would be akin to someone taking one of your most tasty music mixes and using that to promote something (adds on youtube) without any agreement with you. I am pretty sure you would be as pissed off about that as I or anyone would be.
It's not like that at all. We're talking about a specific video of which CLoanto has probably absolutely no claims over, because from what we know, they don't own such shit. Amiga INc. as mentioned before, whatever that is nowadays, probably owns that video, not them. And again: what was the point of taking that down? What harm was it doing to Cloanto?

Youtube doesn't check ownership of takedown notices. If I go now and claim one of your videos as my own, they will go and take it down, even if I am lying.

As for their contributions, we will just have to agree to disagree. I don't think anyone needing to get into Amiga emulation, old or new, should be paying for it. And I will repeat my point of before: more people using an emulator does not mean to me a betterment or enlargement of the "scene", what I want to see is development being empowered, not number of users being enlarged, and every dime spent on a Cloanto pack is a dime that probably doesn't go to an Amiga software or hardware developer, especially considering that the people who get their knickers on a twist about the legality of an Amiga ROM and go buy some Cloanto garbage have NO ISSUES going to Planetemu and downloading all the ADFs they can get their fingers at without paying a dime.

Well you got me way off topic. best to leave this discussion go, as we will get nowhere! you always go up in favor of Cloanto and I will always go up against it. That's all.

Related to the matter at hand, they don't own all Amiga IP and cannot be policing it around. It needs to be determined who owns Amiga as a brand and trademark and something be done about it. If it expires, what happens? Can it be renewed?
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