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Originally Posted by EugeneNine View Post
Yea, I use FS-UAE. I won't use any windows only software, have been burned too many times in the past with that. Even if WinUAE is a little faster its not worth the hassle of using Windows, I got tired of that a long time ago.
your choice.

I remember FS-UAE defaults to the AROS kickstart so I can easily change back to that and test. I'm not a gamer so most of what I do is under workbench and its games where compatibility issues usually come into play.
no it wont work that way. the aros kickstart in uae is totally outdated, no use for anything, wont even boot. thats probably what part of bad publicity aros receives could be attributed to. wonder why its still there..

depending on what you want i can send you a default config file for fs-uae you can modify for your configuration. but the question is, what do you want to do.

aros is currently undergoing a heavy maintenance, about 20-30 commits a day, in order to implement multicore support, so a build and therefore a nightly can be broken at any time.
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