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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
Indeed, from a component point of view that's true, but I meant integration of code as in merging parts of code with the AROS counterparts. The API may be the same but the code behind them is almost certain to be totally different, making any freely available 3.1 source little more than a reference of how things were achieved 25 years ago.

Yeah, quite possibly. I would be of the same mind, but I suspect that if the hypothetical open source 3.1 were to be developed, it would take developers away from other projects, quite possibly AROS-68k.
I do not think so. Most current Aros devs are more interested in platforms like X86/X64/ARM and not so much 68k. 68k was Toni Wilen (Roms) and Jason McMullen who did the work. Current 68k devs mostly were hard to motivate to contribute. So at the moment it could not do any harm.


I do not understand the hate against Cloanto, at least not regarding my contacts. They were friendly and I do not pay the roms but the whole package. It would be the same as moaning that someone asks money for a linux distribution. You pay for the work, not just the roms. If they were not, where would you get the roms legally? The idea that Hyperion and AmigaInc would have open sourced them then sounds not very propable to me.

Regarding Aros, Aros is very compatible today and includes advanced features unseen on 3.X but of course (how already mentioned) it needs optimizations when running on real hardware and it certainly will never beat amiga os on the old hardware. But it is the only realistic path to go in my view.

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