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Originally Posted by EugeneNine View Post
didn't want just anyone helping out for fear of having someone who might have seen the leaked Amiga code being involved.
never heard of a such case, but it doesnt mean that aros source is open to everybody including such a person. however they wont someone like that to contribute, and i think it is an exemplary display of good faith. thats a reason thor doesnt want to contribute directly. he has though consulted some matters, even if rather loosely.

I need to go back and look at it all again. Though its still tricky for me as for me Amiga is 1.3 because thats what I had and used,
aros 68k is or attempts to be 1.x-3.x compatible, more than these kickstarts are compatible to each other btw. it should run your 1.3 programs, except they need some not yet implemented features, particularly those of the chipset. toni can tell more about whats missing.
also - there is even an 1.3 skin as far as i remember

I should be able to run AROS68k under FS-UAE until I can fix my Amiga right?
if on windows id recomend winuae. its more precize in its settings and faster, i think. under linux fs-uae will be first choice since winuae under wine may be too slow. i am actually testing aros under fs-uae, within my vm build enviroment, then per drage and drop on winows host under winuae, and then on a real nachine swapping a cf card for a drive.
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