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Exclamation I'm insane...................

Thanks everyone for being part of the sacred Amiga circle.

With faith such as yours fellow EAB’ers giving me strength, I know I've chosen the right path.

I've already been incarcerated after trying to preach our “Amiga” faith outside Buckingham Palace. Unfortunately, a nasty crowd of corporate PC notebook owning idiots walked past and mocked my beliefs in the supreme machine.

After several rounds of slaggin’ matches they final stooped too low by insulting the Amiga’s 3D games performance – a very sensitive point to all Amiga brothers. Understandably, I completely lost it, and proceeded to send their blasphemous PC creations to silicon heaven with a sledgehammer I just happened to have lying around for these rare occasions.

I generously offered to replace their junk with some holy A1200’s. “Become a believer” I said, “cast aside your sins and let me show you the path of enlightenment” – but they refused, had me arrested and pressed charges.

I was set free on bail but the court later judged I was mentally unstable after I attempted to overclock/modify several PC based servers using various recipes selected from the “PC cookin’ tips” guide - I especially liked the one using Kevin Keegan SNES cartridges in the PCI/ISA slots for that flame grilled effect.

I managed to chalk up 42 PC deaths instantly, and rigged a hundred more for future failure with suicidal overclocking setups, again taken from our sacred PC cook book.

For weeks I was detained at a high security centre. Therapy included sitting in a dark room with a PC and a hammer left in front of me under a spot light. If the PC remained intact for one hour I got to walk free. Man those PC’s got some! One day I managed to scatter a system over a 10 metre radius with one shot – awesome!

Eventually, they let me out because the therapy was costing the taxpayer too much – those PC’s don’t come cheap you know.

And here I am preaching to fellow Amiga brothers.

Damn, I’ve just realised I’ve written another essay! Seriously, I truly need help; I mean where did all that come from? I was only typing for like 15 minutes or so I thought…………be afraid. Be VERY afraid. I think I've finallt lost it.

Oh yeah, cheers for a great "planet eab" by the way guys.

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