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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
the code integration with aros is already given in a way that you can run amiga binaries compiled along amiga standard apis (such as mui for example) on aros with usually no problem. if there is a problem it can be fixed in aros. amiga is the reference and a common denominator. using aros extensions is an option.
Indeed, from a component point of view that's true, but I meant integration of code as in merging parts of code with the AROS counterparts. The API may be the same but the code behind them is almost certain to be totally different, making any freely available 3.1 source little more than a reference of how things were achieved 25 years ago.

i dont think this is a problem for aros. i rather think that aros people would be indifferent or rather happy if it happened. but it wont. no need to go furter into it.
Yeah, quite possibly. I would be of the same mind, but I suspect that if the hypothetical open source 3.1 were to be developed, it would take developers away from other projects, quite possibly AROS-68k.
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