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Originally Posted by EugeneNine View Post
The only issue I've had with AROS is (lack of) drivers. I have a nice little old laptop it would work perfect on except I can't set the video resolution for example. Right now I just run linux hosted AROS on my main laptop, but doing that its just as easy to use native linux stuff so I end up never 'booting' AROS.
for the amiga hardware the respective 68k drivers can be used. for instance for driving my network card i simply take x-surf.device that has been delivered with it. to drive an rtg card there is a picasso96 wrapper. the problem is poseidon, trident prefs is working but not the device drivers, because there is probably a single difference in api.

And AROS source is sort of hidden even though its open source because they don't want anyone who might have seen the copyrighted Amiga source from tainting the AROS source and cause them a legal issue. So it makes working with AROS a little harder as well.
bullshit. another uninformed fud. there is nothing to hide. if you find something report it back.

heres the complete aros source for you to browse:
you can log anonymously and check it out from svn. the detailed isntructions are on aros page. you can build it yourself in an hour.
the only thing you cannot is anonymously commit to the repository. you need an account. and i think this is selfexplanatory and reasonable, right?
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