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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
So-- fellow Amigans.. give me your best shot
HOW could this be done.. ?
omg.. just noticed this thread. this has been discussed a million times. and never any action was taken as a result.

besides this software doesnt rightfully belon to the community, no matter how the community be defined. even if the curent owners or licensees could be paid off the theater would start over after different groups would get into disagreement about what to do with the source.

there is an open source equivalent to the genuine amiga system. aros (68k) it works fairly well if you consider that only two people have put greater amount of their work into it and none of the community coders joined in to improve it. only complaints have been voiced, as if from people who want to own something and have they say, but not to lift a finger to actually do anything.

this is the only reasonable, technically maintainable and legally viabble practical option. other than that you can keep talking here for another hundred years.
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