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Hiyas AK, thanks for replying

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I thought they (Olsen) were doing updates to things like Kickstart etc.

Putting aside the fact that their contribution to the scene is next to nil, as idrougge illustrated, their disgusting "legal" attacks on independent sites and people who allegedly violate their "IP" (how far they can actually legally go with these IP claims is yet to be disputed) is what does it for me. That is actually destroying the scene they are feeding off of.
To be fair the scene is bigger today than it was just 5 years ago - I think "destroying the scene" is a bit over the top - perhaps you mean stifling the scene?

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I will keep using this example: what good is it for the community for Cloanto to take off YouTube a video of the Amiga launch event, as they did? And to what extent are they atually allowed to do that, since what they own is, allegedly, a license to sell Kickstarts?
If they own that video, they have a right to decide how it is disseminated and published -

The problem here is that YouTube monetizes content - when I made a video about how to use a hard drive with a ZX Spectrum +3e environment - UMG Media claimed ownership of my work, it was then instantly monetized and I had to threaten legal action to get my work back .

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Come on, explain to me what good did this do and tell me why should anyone give money go these people so they go out and about and do this. While you are at it, explain t ome in which way does this video being online hurt this company: [ Show youtube player ]
I don't work, nor am I affiliated with Cloanto my friend, you know that - I have no stake in defending actions nor cheering them on. They claim that they own the video footage in this matter - if they do its theirs to do with as they please - that is the law.

If they do not own it then this is Fraud my misrepresentation and that shit can carry a 5-25 year prison sentence within the UK

Copying it / publishing it - in its entirety is up to the owner - it would be akin to someone taking one of your most tasty music mixes and using that to promote something (adds on youtube) without any agreement with you. I am pretty sure you would be as pissed off about that as I or anyone would be.

However we are covered by fair use - for news, parody and satire surely someone could make a report and include many sections of the video under shared use.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
What I don't understand is any praise they get: what for? What do they do to contribute? What's the big breakthrough here, because I don't see it.
Again I don't work nor am I affiliated with Cloanto as such I really am not here to defend them, all I can offer is a different point of view and its not one I necessarily share.

From their website - (about 12GB of content)

1.3 - 3.x Amiga Kickstart ROM's
3.1 - 3.x Amiga Workbench Hard Disk Images and Disk Files.
Amiga Forever (pre configured Amiga Emulation)
Scene videos

What Cloanto ask for in reimbursement is up to them, what you or I are willing to pay for, is up to us - should that we meet in the middle - there you have sale transaction.

Truth is for you or I, we don't need or already have the above that Cloanto are offering as such it has no tangible worth to us.

But if I could steal your mind for a bit, what about the newbie wanting to get into the scene or the old Skool Coder looking to pick up where he / she left off - there is now a distributable that they can buy - that is arguably a lot cheaper than investing in real hardware.

If Cloanto were offering their Premium product for $20 or $15 you would still have people calming it should be free - in fact Cloanto could be offering it for $5 or $2 and there would still be a cry (although not as loud) to be free -

I am a firm believer of voting with your wallet if you don't like a service or product - simply don't buy it.
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