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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
right. but if you have emissaries of that imaginary god getting after you in the toilet, in order to remind you that you need to support (that means pay money for) their just cause, you might become less tolerant.
True. Which is why I'm tired of these discussions, which seem to crop up every so often. It seems to me that there are emissaries from four different gods all trying to preach their god as the best god and put down the others. There certainly isn't just one, although worshippers of other Gods might see it that way.

there has been amiga developer forum i (matt and others) have attended even though me not being able to help with too much, name of utilitybase. im urged to say that this was basically different.if the scene was laike this, we wouldnt have any divisions in first place, because everybody would accept that the other has his own projects and visions and try to help with it. meanwhile i have found similar attitude if not the same peace of mind on aros forums and dev ml.
Yep, dev forums tend to be a lot more tolerant and devoid of the religious element. There are exceptions of course, but it generally seems to be the mainstream forums that attract the sort of rubbish I'm talking about.
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