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I don't know, as you like. He asks about AmiKit too.

Well, I can tell him about the Live Update that it isn't something magic, it just installs what it's programmed to update, it will delete what's necessary and install the same, that's all.

In fact it's much easier to make an update using the Live Update as it has a full access to all of the files. Time ago when I wasn't using it but an Update script it was much more difficult as sometimes I had to stop running processes.

And he talks about AmigaSYS making the same, but that isn't true and in fact AmigaSys has been dead for several years and there hasn't been a "recent" update. It doesn't exist an automatic Live Update but for AmiKit and AKReal, basically just because AmiKit was the one that created that option and supports it in the website (that has to pay).

BTW that's also why you should support AmiKit, it has Donate options to support it. Well, maybe you prefer to use Amiga in a box or AmigaSys that died just because of a lack of interest and you don't want/need any future update.

Also the AmiKit Live update won't update what you've got in Work (if he's got a partition with that name). I talk about AmiKit or AKReal till the 8th version, I don't know about Mac or Puppy or other things, so then he should use the AmiKit support forum instead.

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