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Originally Posted by pants View Post
As would I normally - but then to which (broken) crack, which languages, and for which version do I add it? English was a hand-translated french version, interpols crack was incomplete from what I can tell, the delphine compilation is different to the original etc.
Hello there pants,

Well, I can answer that one when it comes to the disk version

I spent quite a lot of time back in 2006 trying to find the best version to use (which wasn't translated and also has no protection); see this thread: Fixing Flashback versions.. Ongoing..

Anyway, please patch this version (which was copied from the .IPFs --> .ADFs and has been 100% tested)
  • Flashback (1993)(Delphine - U.S. Gold)(Disk 1 of 4)[compilation Delphine Collection].adf [CRC 551E664E]
  • Flashback (1993)(Delphine - U.S. Gold)(Disk 2 of 4)[compilation Delphine Collection].adf [CRC 64065A5F]
  • Flashback (1993)(Delphine - U.S. Gold)(Disk 3 of 4)[compilation Delphine Collection].adf [CRC 20A0ACEF]
  • Flashback (1993)(Delphine - U.S. Gold)(Disk 4 of 4)[compilation Delphine Collection].adf [CRC 021E845D]
I've put this in The Zone! for you

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