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Thanks for the info and clarifications guys! I certainly wasn't meaning to cause offence - whdload & slaves sound awesome. I've been back for two weeks and am still playing catch up with the last 20 odd years of amiga. Some things are beyond words cool (winuae and, for me, fs-uae), some things are super pleasant (zomg ipf = love), and some things are just crazy to me (dubious trademark/copyright claims on things that should, in a sane world, be public domain by now). Proprietary 'slaves' kind of got bundled up with that in my head - just seemed so at odds with goals as you said. Happy to hear that seems to be changing.

Me: I'm still getting reaquainted with my virtual A500. One day I'll upgrade to an A1200, or even an A4000, and also learn the ways of AGA and whdload. In the meantime it's ipfs and MFM fun for me
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