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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
Being banned and censored multiple times over on AmigaOS 4 fanboy forums (first time ever banned for me) for stating opinions they didn't like is just a perspective? I'm not the only one banned by the fanboy zealots either. I'm not saying all AmigaOS 4 users are fanboy zealots but they have taken control on several other Amiga sites which used to be general Amiga sites.
Obviously there are a lot of fanboys, but if you don't like them, why bother interacting with them? I'm a MorphOS user but I don't bother going near Morphzone because of the attitudes of a few MOS fanboys who are prolific there. Likewise, I'm rarely on, and I gave up on years ago because of the mass intolerance from seemingly every side. I'm not banned from any of them though, I just don't want to interact with such people.

How much more pathetic then are those who tightly grip ancient antiquated code with little value for their minority elitist camps while trying to block other larger camps?
Quite a bit more pathetic IMHO. For a start, it may be antiquated IP worth very little, but it is worth a little. And people fighting over it who have zero ownership or say in it is an utter waste of time and energy and makes for nothing more than pointless arguments over hypothetical situations. It's no better than fighting over whose imaginary God is best, which is pretty pathetic.
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