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Max Knight released...

Heya all,

I read on Indie Retro News that the full version of "Max Knight" has been released

Downloaded both the .ADF and the HDD versions. Tried out both and there is more content on the HDD version; specifically extra intro screens.... as per usual I thought I'd play around.

I have now created a new .ADF that contains all the content of the HDD version

It was close, only "3K" left when completed. Details are as follows:

  • Crunched the main file with CrunchyDat.
  • Left the directory "L" plus the file within "Disk-Validator" off from the original .ADF as they are not necessary.
I then took a look on the game creators' webpage but as far as I could see there's no way to contact them

@Neil79 or anyone else in the know; could you possibly contact them and point to this thread?

Anyway, new .ADF is attached to this post for anyone that wants it

Finally, with all the screens in the game they are perfectly centred horizontally and vertically. Only issue is that when the actually gameplay starts it's most definitely not...

Would be cool if this could be addressed
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