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simple network problem with Flower Pot/WinUAE

ok this morning I bought Flower Pot for Mac and Amiga OS 4.1 Final for Classic. I have used Amikit for years, and I figured that I'd a) support someone whose work I've enjoyed, and b) get better results with my Amiga OS 4 emulation than I'd gotten on my own. Flower Pot on Mac runs WinUAE within WINE.

Well I was right on the second count. Amiga OS 4 boots up faster, supports more memory and screenmodes than I ever got it to on my own. I'm happy I bought it. However, I am not having any luck getting on the internet with it.

I am using the default RTL device. I chose LAN, and I chose automatic configuration (DHCP). However, it isn't getting a DHCP lease from my router and I have no network.

I'm positive my problem is simple and a quick fix, but I just can't find my mistake. I did have network with straight WinUAE and 4.1 Final on Windows, so I know that a working network is possible.

If someone could take the time to figure out why I have no network, I would be very, very grateful. This Flower Pot has me very excited to play with 4.1, everything but the network works fantastic. Thank you very much in advance!
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