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Originally Posted by EugeneNine View Post
Since none of the current 'owners' are making any changes to the code then none of those things can happen either. But releasing it to open source gives the potential that it could happen. It could just be merged into AROS even.
I thought they (Olsen) were doing updates to things like Kickstart etc.

Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
I will ask one thing - why such hate for Cloanto? .... I simply don't get it =(
Putting aside the fact that their contribution to the scene is next to nil, as idrougge illustrated, their disgusting "legal" attacks on independent sites and people who allegedly violate their "IP" (how far they can actually legally go with these IP claims is yet to be disputed) is what does it for me. That is actually destroying the scene they are feeding off of.

I will keep using this example: what good is it for the community for Cloanto to take off YouTube a video of the Amiga launch event, as they did? And to what extent are they atually allowed to do that, since what they own is, allegedly, a license to sell Kickstarts?
Come on, explain to me what good did this do and tell me why should anyone give money go these people so they go out and about and do this. While you are at it, explain t ome in which way does this video being online hurt this company: [ Show youtube player ]

What I don't understand is any praise they get: what for? What do they do to contribute? What's the big breakthrough here, because I don't see it.

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