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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
If there are two DH1, the second one will be renamed automatically to DH1_1 or something similar.

You should at least see System on the desktop. Or is your OS partition called System, too?

Enter Info in the Shell window and post the output here.

And post a screenshot of WinUAE's harddrives list. Did you add System.HDF first and your CF image second as I told you?
Good news/bad news -- After going through the steps a few more times I must have missed something -- I can now run the install_CWB39 icon from the workbench. However, after running through the install twice, I reboot (with SYSTEM.HDF removed), and nothing has changed at all.


I've verified my CF image is set to read/write, DH0 is my OS: DH1: is my games DH1_0: is SYSTEM: (hdf).

ok.. I just copied the entire HDF to my DH1: Games partition, and am manually installing from there..

and same result - nothing changes / it doesn't install. ..

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