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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
I have strong doubts Hyperion will be able to add SMP and 64 bit to AmigaOS 4 without serious compatibility problems.
they think, or rather want to make the users think that they have gathered a notable pool of "native" software, which they dont want to "abandon", which is aactually a proper excuse not to do anything. think of all the work invested in thousands of ppc sdl ports on os4 depot becoming uselsess all the sudden ..

I tried to get A-EON to diversify into the larger 68k market and proliferate their APIs but it looks like the window of opportunity is closing for them.
please not! lets not call them to pollute the genuine system with their concepts. there may be some alright guys like thor or olsen, but even if they are some sort of autorities they are being only associates for some reason led by their noses. id still rather see people like toni, gunnar or even aros team to contribute.

I have a working input.device which is compatible to Poseidon and USB input. I was considering trying to port the AROS USB back to AmigaOS but I lost interest when my hope for a 68k comeback died.
aros trident runs on aros 68k. it shouldnt be a rocket science to get it compiled for amiga. especially new toolchains are being worked on. the problem are device drivers. deneb for instance has not been opened up.
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