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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
i doubt. the remaining os4 customership will not consider aros or morphos an alternative no matter what. natural selection left them with the most stubborn. and neither it looks like aeon or hyperion have been left with means or abilities to even notice any pressure put upon them. either of them, they hardly even check their mail, no matter whether by customers or attorneys. i do not expect they would be able to improve the kernel, without even talking of any dramatic progress. all you can expect are cosmetic patches to some oldskool software they picked up from the trash or another replacement for some simple gui classes.
Yep. A-EON is relying on everything to line up like continued support of usable PPC processors (already down to one embedded supplier who is heavily invested in ARMv8 instead) and one developer Hyperion (who already would have been bankrupt without a bailout). They do not control their own destiny, have nothing to fall back to and these extremely narrow moat businesses usually do not last long in the tech industry. I have strong doubts Hyperion will be able to add SMP and 64 bit to AmigaOS 4 without serious compatibility problems. I tried to get A-EON to diversify into the larger 68k market and proliferate their APIs but it looks like the window of opportunity is closing for them.

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btw matt, there has been some talk on improvements to poseidon on aros list. they even seriously considered if it would be handicap for 68k users if anything changed in interfaces. which i doubt, since ther is almost no notable third party usb classes and aros poseidon isnt compatible to the genuine 68k one by some member in a struct, according to what ive been told by chris.
I have a working input.device which is compatible to Poseidon and USB input. I was considering trying to port the AROS USB back to AmigaOS but I lost interest when my hope for a 68k comeback died.
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