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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
especially that i think that there is even some support for usb3 or its being worked on. however its outside of my scope of interest, and i could even check on things like that. however multicore support its receivin just now may be even more interesting.
Yep. It looks like AROS has USB 3 support.

It also looks like AROS will be the first AmigaOS like OS to have SMP (they already were the first to have 64 bit support). That will really ratchet up the pressure on A-EON and Hyperion. AROS PC hardware could end up with 10x the performance and 1/10 of the cost of AmigaOS 4 hardware. Qualcomm, who is heavily invested in ARMv8 which is very similar to PPC, could drop support for PPC at any time too. Where is the breaking point of the PPC fan boys and faithful? I don't know but I think we will soon find out.
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