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Originally Posted by 21stcentury View Post
Hi everyone,

I'm Ultimate Creative Administrator. All links from our website are not available without an account. Don't blame me, this rule come from my hoster. This is why i gonna give you direct links for to download them :

Barjack Magigames - WHDload Pack 1

Barjack Magigames - Extra Pack

Informations about Barjack Magigames - WHDLoad Pack 1

Informations about Barjack Magigames - Extra Pack

Others packs and surprises coming as soon as possible.

I recommand you also Ultimate Amiga Configurations 2017, an ultra realistic and complete configurations pack for WinUAE and fully optimized for a 1680*1050 display.

You can download it here

Thank you so much! I have only one question to do I install them so it takes effect into my system? How do replace the entire icon system from prefs.icon, to commodities.icon to system partition icon, to draw.icon to etc icon not just whdload? Is there any installation system I need to do this? I want to do an entire rehall work of my entire system's icon from A to Z with this theme...sow here do I go to do that?

As for the links you send me, where do I put them and where do I install them?

Thanks in advance.
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