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As much as I like most of the "shovelware" and compilations of old games on the CD32 (as it is my main Amiga for gaming), I will give you a list of what is either exclusive to the CD32 or in my opinion a general better experience on it than on a regular Amiga

- Brian The Lion (I find this version to be the best)
- Castles II (CD32 exclusive)
- The Final Gate (CD32 exclusive, terrible game :P)
- Fire & Ice (Greatly enhanced for CD32, has parallax, choice of CD or classic soundtrack, generally the best version)
- Flink (CD32 exclusive)
- Jetstrike (Best version out there, great soundtrack)
- Labyrinth Of Time (CD32 exclusive)
- Legends (better played on CD32 IMO)
- Liberation (CD32 exclusive, probably the only proper made-for-CD32 game?)
- Litil Divil (CD32 exclusive)
- Microcosm (CD32 exclusive)
- Out To Lunch (best played on CD32)
- Pinball Fantasies (plays best on CD32)
- Pirates Gold! (CD32 exclusive)
- Prey: An Alien Encounter (CD32 exclusive)
- Skeleton Krew (same as the AGA version but the soundtrack on this one is ten times better)
- Speris Legacy (best played on CD32)
- Super Street Fighter II Turbo (best played on CD32, still a terrible game though)
- Ultimate Body Blows (CD32 exclusive)
- Ultimate Super Skidmarks (have it all in one disc? Hells yeah)
- Wing Commander (This is the only decent Amiga version)
- Zool 2 (Improved graphics and soundtrack plus a CD32-only level)

I think the CD32 is the best Amiga platform for games, so don't forget to check out the community-made compilations and unofficial releases too, all of which you can find here:

From those, my recommendations:
- Bitmap Bros Collection
- CD32 160 Game Compilation
- CD32 Compilation Volume 1
- CD32 Compilation Volume 2
- CD32 PD Compilation
- Heli Attack Triple Pack!
- Hybris & Battle Squadron
- James Pond CD32 Collection
- Lemmings CD32 Collection
- Liquid Skids / Snow Bros
- Mombasajoe's PD compilation (find it on EAB's server, in my folder Uploads/Akira)
- Shadow of the Beast Trilogy
- Turrican Anthology []
- Ultimate Fighters

Single releases:
- Aladdin
- Cannon Fodder (+CDXL Intro)
- Heart of the Alien
- Jaguar XJ220
- Lion King
- Micro Machines
- Microprose Formula 1 Grand Prix
- Mutant League Hockey
- Putty Squad
- Slam Tilt
- Solid Gold BETA
- Speris Legacy (No copy protection)
- SWOS 16-17
- Uridium 2
- Wonderdog
- Worms (No copy protection)

Amigajay also has done a lot of work making unofficial compilations
Some of my faves:

- Factor 5 : The Complete Amiga Works
- Graftgold : The Complete Amiga Works
- Psygnosis : The Complete Amiga Works
- Run 'n Gun Collection
- Team 17 - The Complete Amiga Works
- Vertical Shoot-Em-Up Collection

Hope that sorts you out!
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