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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
The reality is that most of the telecommunications lines in the world travel through the U.S. Big brother has considerable influence (and is listening) and can often persuade internet providers in remote areas to obey their law. Brazil is planning to disconnect from the U.S. infrastructure by building a fiber optic cable directly to Europe after the U.S. spying which included government and private businesses .
This is an easy one to solve. Simply put the repo behind a Tor hidden service (.onion). It won't be taken down. No one is even going to know where it is hosted.

Here are the options I see:

1. Improve OS3.1 sources and publicly release DIFFs only, with scripts to rebuild against a specific hash of a specific archive of the 3.1 sources.

2. (Publicly) improve OS3.1 sources and put the whole repo behind a tor hidden service.

3. Improve AROS substantially.

4. Keep fighting with god-knows-who over god-knows-what "rights"

I prefer #2. Remember: the real issue is popular mentality. Proprietary software remains a plague, and I certainly would encourage everyone to fight it with every middle finger they can muster. Legal or not, open it all up and stop giving a shit. Its fitting, and in a way, perfect.
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