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Chris CC
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Help getting back into the Amiga

Hi guys,

Just trying to get back into the Amiga after last being into it in the early 90s. Got a 500+ and bought a Gotek drive and sorted games out, though might look to put the Gotek into an A600. Got a Zipstick and a TAC2 so covered there.

So mostly sorted.

My big issue now though is display and room.

I have one TV, a massive 65inch Samsung KS9000. Great TV, but it doesn't have a scart socket :-/. That means I'm forced to look at either a new monitor or TV or...scart RGB to HDMI conversion.

Cash is difficult enough, but room is even more of a killer.

I was hoping something like this might work well and do the job

But really I haven't got a clue and no experience in this area and so would greatly welcome any advice. If not the above, is there another affordable solution in terms of RGB scart to HDMI that might work well?

I know that CRT is best, and maybe that is something to consider too, along with any half decent lcd panels with scart. So any affordable smallish CRTs/LCDs would also give me welcome options. I feel I have got as far as I can get at this point without just leaping in the dark.

Massively looking forward to playing Kickoff 2 again
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