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Help installing ClassicWB 3.9/UAE

Hi folks!

I have an A1200 CF card that i've converted to an image file - boots great in WinUAE. (OS 3.9, SFS, OS partition = ~ 1GB, Games = ~ 7GB, Boingbags 1-4 installed).

The problem I have is I can't get ClassicWB 3.9 installed via any method.

If I boot into the CF image, it won't see the System.HDF drive (no "install" icon appearing on workbench as suggested by the instructions).

If I boot into System.HDF - it tells me I need a valid OS 3.9 partition.

I've tried setting HD controller to IDE(auto), UAE, A600/A1200/A4000 with no luck. I've flipped the two images between DH0 and DH1 in configuration, as well as tried various IDE drive settings (0, 1, etc). Played with the boot flags - both yes, one or the other yes, etc.. Config is 68020, 64MB Z3 RAM, "as fast as possible", KS 3.1, AGA.

Any suggestions?

(I'm mainly interested in getting iGames to work for WHDLoad on my A1200, something I've never been able to get working on an OS 3.1 fresh install even installing MUI and trying to track down all of the undocumented dependencies it seems to need ).. I'd still like to fool around with OS 3.9 though..
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