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FlashBack missing dialog bug

Back when I was working on my release of the English version of this game, I came across a missing dialog bug on all the Amiga versions.

It occurs during the animation in Level 5 where Conrad is looking down at the aliens in the air vent. The frame of dialog before the bug is:

Then the missing dialog occurs:

From memory, there are slightly garbed artifacts onscreen from the missing text.

The respective language text (e.g., engcine.txt) for all 3 languages, contain the missing text, but yet none of the versions will show it.

I believe cine/espions.cmp contains the code for displaying the text. Unfortunately, my schedule became increasingly busy and I no longer had the time to investigate this further. Next thing I knew, seven years had passed since my discovery.

Curious if anyone could figure out how to fix this bug? I also now wonder if bugged espions.cmp can be replaced from another platform?
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